Phonomik - Release party

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Fredag 28. Februar 2020

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Tidspunkt: Kl. 21.00
Dørene åbnes: Kl. 20:00 Sted: Ungdomshuset Konfus

Phonomik release party. New album : Brain Bleeder 28/2-20 Konfus.

PHONOMIK was founded by Danish musicians Michael (bass),
Shane (vocals / guitar) and Kenneth (guitar). Together, they had a dream of reaching out to the masses through music, and once they saw what they had within the band, they knew they were onto something big. In March 2010, PHONOMIK released their debut album “Soul Creeper”. Mixed and mastered by award winning Danish producer, Jacob Hansen, the album received a wave of positive press at home and around the world, and aired on rock legend Bruce Dickinson’s radio show. After touring Latvia and Germany, the band went on the road later in the year with their PROMONSTER tour – a joint collaboration with metal band, Chainfist.
In 2011, PHONOMIK went on tour again, including gigs with Danish rock mastodons D-A-D, German metal veterans RAGE and Danish pop/rock act The Storm. They also headlined a tour of the Baltic countries and played a number of festival gigs throughout Denmark. Since 2011, the band has been working on 13 new songs, in collaboration with Jacob Hansen and American multiplatinum award winning producer, Dito Godwin, who has also produced for a number of high-profile bands, including No Doubt, Mötley Crüe and KISS. PHONOMIK will play their new material at future live performances and will release it as a series of singles during 2014/15.
PHONOMIK have also been active on other fronts, including writing a track for power metal mastermind Lance King’s new album “A Moment in Chiros”.
With the release of Phonomiks new album "Brain Bleeder" at El Puerto Records and upcoming tour, 2020/21 its going to be a fantastic couple of years for
PHONOMIK - see you in the mosh pit !!!

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