Phonomik - Release party

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Fredag 28. februar 2020

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Phonomik release party. New album : Brain Bleeder 28/2-20 Konfus.

PHONOMIK was founded in 2006 by Danish musicians Michael Hansen (bass), Shane B. Dhiman (vocals/guitar) and Kenneth Bergstrøm (guitar) who all shared the same vision - to reach out to the masses through hard-hitting, melodic music and epic live performances.

In March 2010, PHONOMIK released their debut album “Soul Creeper”. Mixed and mastered by award winning producer, Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Amaranthe, Dizzy Mizz Lizzy) and featuring drummer Hans Krüger, the album received a wave of positive press nationally and around the world, and aired on rock legend Bruce Dickinson’s radio show.

Following the release of “Soul Creeper”, and with drummer Rune Gravengaard onboard, PHONOMIK toured extensively in Denmark and Germany in 2010 and 2011 including festivals and gigs with Danish rock mastodons D-A-D, Illdisposed, The Storm, German metal veterans RAGE and went on a co-headlining tour in the Baltics together with now defunct Latvian metal act Sia Radikal.

The band began recording drums for their second album “Brain Bleeder” in summer 2011 in Jacob Hansen Studios and even built their own studio, PHON Studio, in the process.

Despite the many setbacks, PHONOMIK continued a creative process, which lead to writing a track for power metal mastermind Lance King’s album “A Moment in Chiros” in 2011 and releasing the title track “Murder” for the Danish short film “Nemesis” in 2014 – a track that is also included on “Brain Bleeder”.

Almost 9 year after the band first entered the studio, PHONOMIK is finally ready to show the world the consequence of persistence, dedication and hard work. Now a five-piece with the addition of guitarist Søren Pedersen and new drummer Mickey Nyborg Thomsen, the band is stronger than ever.

“Brain Bleeder” - released February 28th 2020 on El Puerto Records, features 13 powerful songs mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen. Reviews are once again stellar and the hunger for hitting the stage is greater than ever before. Get ready to have your ass kicked!

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