Sleeping Child

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Lørdag 22. januar 2022

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Sleeping Child

Emerging stoner rock band
From Hamburg, Germany

Imagine you wake up in the middle of a post-apocalyptic world. Everything you love and know is
gone. What remains of humanity is nothing more than braindead creatures, driven by carnal desires
in an atomic desert.
A giant steam engine snail paves its way through rotten streets and poisoned fields. From the inside
you hear an intimate but abstract sound of music.
Round and honest lyrics tell stories of how it came this far.

The band first made their mark in 2019 with the debut EP “Ankh”. It was a distinctly DIY release
brimming with personality. They followed this up with “Rise of the Astrophant”, a ten-track epic
that showcases their ability to bend genres and reach dizzying soaring heights of originality. The
group began gaining a small yet loyal following off the back of these releases, which even led to
them headlining their own small tour all over Europe. After the tour they released a split vinyl on
the acclaimed Interstellar Smoke Records with the band "Heráldica de Mandrake".
Fast forward to the back end of 2020 and Sleeping Child were back in the studio again doing what
they do best. They began working on their highly anticipated second album “Supernovian
Remnant”. The album contains a sinister selection of ten songs inspired by the cryptic atmosphere
of transylvania and blood lust. The record progressively builds in intensity before hitting it’s peak
on the final track “Our way into the light”, where it transforms the dark mood into a sense of hope.

So: How did it all begin? Our story starts back in 2018 with a jam session. Jules (vocals), Phil
(guitar), Michi (bass) and Julian (drums) began making music together. The four melted together in
unison and it was clear that they had to keep going and strive for more. So began the formation of
Sleeping Child.
A band with a solid vision and a genre-defying sound to back it up. The group have since gone on
to tour in Europe, and with two full-length releases already under their belts, are well on their way
for great things. They make music as a way of telling their stories that are locked up deep inside
their souls. Through emotion-dipped melodies and a highly engaging energy they hope to truly
connect with their audience and make them feel. They shun using formulas to pen hits. Rather
opting for an experimental approach of “anything goes”.



En rumlen fra dybet, ”ur-musik” er det blevet kaldt, som at se tre hulemænd spille op til trance. Gaia er en energi-udløsning, der søger at åbne folks hjerner. Kosmisk Doom er målet om at nå et sted, hvor den tunge rumlen fra forstærkerne, sammen med trommernes insisterende groove, giver alle muligheden for at rense ud, glemme, eller råbe op! Det er ok at være vred. Der er ting at være vred over. Men vi har brug for ro og fordybelse også.